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SEO Audit

We are here to help with your Search Engine Optimization performance and rankings.
Let I.A.Marketing  professionals do a complete website Audit.
We will perform these tasks for you and break them down one by one.
Duplicate Title Tags
Unique, descriptive page titles increase the chances that Google search engines will direct users and your target audience to your website and exact landing pages they are looking for. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit gives you a list of all duplicate titles used on your unique web pages to help users locate product pages or services offered on your site. We also offer tips on how to effectively recreate unique title tags quickly and easily.
Missing Title Tags
Google Search engines display the page title in search results bar, and if your page is missing your title you are losing an opportunity to drive traffic to your site and loose SEO authority. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit gives you a comprehensive to do list for your site, you will mot be missing a single title tag when we are done.
Long Title Tags
When search engines display your page title, they will often truncate titles that are above the recommended 70 characters. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit identifies any pages on your web site with titles that are too long.
Multiple Title Tags
Each page on your site is unique and each page deserves a unique title that describes the content on the page. Sometimes we have found sites that have more than one title on a page. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit checks this for you, and will give you a list of pages with multiple titles, and again we have ways to help you build your site in the future and keep mistakes down to a minimum.
Using Redirects effectively is important. Having too many pages on your site link to other pages wastes web spider resources and may result in a smaller number of pages being crawled. I.A.Marketing  analysis can determine whether or not you are using redirects effectively and we will help with the information needed to gain strength on the Search Engine Results.
Anchor Text
Effective anchor text concisely describes the destination page. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit provides a comprehensive list of links found on various pages of your site.
Broken Links
Any broken links undermine user experience, and wastes search engine spider resources, and will affect your placement in search engines results. With the I.A.Marketing Site Audit, you will find any  broken links on your site and quickly make changes.
Dead End Pages
Pages without any links are not good for your visitors. We can show you which pages on your site are dead ends to help you improve the user experience.
Page Not Found
A good ‘404’ or ‘Page Not Found’ error page does more than simply report the error. Our analysis of your site can tell you whether or not you have created a proper ‘Page Not Found’ error page.
Long URLs
Most search engines display URLs in search results. If an URL is too long, people doing searches will see a truncated version and you might miss an opportunity to get them to click. If you insist on keeping a long URL there are ways for I.A.Marketing to help Goole read it.
Duplicate Content
Are you reusing text on your site? This has very negative effect, even more than you think. Find out how the duplicate content on your site affects your search engine rank, and how I.A.Marketing can help.
Duplicate Meta Descriptions
Meta descriptions, like page content, should be unique to the products or services you are promoting on each page. We will help you find any duplicate meta descriptions anywhere on your entire site. Let us help your pages get properly indexed.
Too Many Links
Links are good. Having too many outbound links or internal links can potentially make the page more difficult to navigate, and could create other SEO problems. Discover the pages on your site that have too many links.
Server Errors
Server errors indicate major problems with the content of your site. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit checks for server errors on your site and provides a comprehensive list of pages that are giving server errors.
A misconfigured robots.txt file can inadvertently block crawlers from valuable content. The I.A.Marketing Site Audit can check to see if your robots.txt file is configured correctly, and provides recommendations if it is not.
Session IDs
Sites that use session ID parameters as part of their URLs may receive a lower ranking in search results. Find out which pages on your site use these with the I.A.Marketing Site Audit.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Build upon your existing SEM efforts with our keyword recommendations, tailored to your site. Using our vast database of search analytics, we can help you find the more cost-effective and relevant keywords to use for advertising.
On-Site Links
We also analyze the link structure of your site to determine which pages could benefit from more links from across your site.
Many websites allow for users to visit them through both and Most search engines treat these as separate hosts, so it is important to have one redirect to the other or you risk splitting your Page Rank across the two versions of your site.
Low Word Count
Pages with little or no text content often receive poor placement in search results. In the I.A.Marketing Site Audit, you can find a listing of pages containing little or no text content to help improve your placement in search results.
Image Descriptions
Using image descriptions can help search engines index the non-text content of your pages, and makes your site more accessible for the visually impaired. Discover the location of pages on your site that have images with no description.
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